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Aurora Bisig's Appearances

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Ms. Texas US of A
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Ms. Asia America Ambassador
Ms. America International Diamond
Mrs. Texas US States
Ms. PSAPS Texas Princess
Ms. U. S. of A.
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Aurora Bisig, Ms. United States is proud to be the spokeswoman for the Salvation Army for 2004 & 2005 and will continue to support their programs to help transition families to help themselves.  Please visit their web site at

I've assembled some of my community service appearance photographs.  I currently hold the titles of Ms. United States All American, Ms. US of A, Ms. Texas US of A, Ms. America Supreme Miss, Ms. Texas US States, Ms. America International, Ms. Central Texas Sweetheart America, Ms. US States Ambassador and  Ms. Asia America Ambassador, Ms. PSAPS Texas Princess.  I hope you enjoy my photos of my recent appearances.  If you are interested in having me appear at any of your charties, special events or to speak at a event as well, please feel free to contact me.
Aurora Bisig is available to Judge or Emcee your event.
Please e-mail to schedule her appearance at your pageant.

Aurora Bisig was raised and attended school in Austin, TX.  She was the first female state investigator.  She handled child abuse and incest cases primarily.  She was also a paralegal on and off for about 15 years with various law firms in Fort Worth, Austin and Houston.   She has owned several businesses, a filter service company in Atlanta, Georgia, a film production company in Miami, Florida, a hunting expeditor in Russia, a product rejuvenation company in London, England and Mexico City, Mexico.  She has traveled extensively throughout the world and she is bi-lingual.  She modeled in New York and Miami and still models at present.   Aurora is of Chinese and Irish decent.  She won the titles of Ms. Texas US of A, Ms. US of A , Ms. US States, MS. United States All American and Ms. Asia American Ambassador  and Ms. America International Diamond.  Her platform is child abuse, neglect and troubled teens education and prevention.  Aurora is proud to be the spokeswoman for the Salvation Army for the holiday season of 2004 & 2005 and will continue to support their programs to help transition families to help themselves, you can visit their web site at and see how you can help here in Austin.   She currently owns SR-22 and More a company that clears your Texas Drivers License quickly and helps them get back on the road .   


Photo by Douglas Lloyd

Thanks for dropping by and taking a look at my photos. Please get in touch with any comments or reactions!

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