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From the bottom of my heart, I want to say thank you to all of you that came out to the Premiere Party tonight!
I had such a WONDERFUL time with all of you!
Lacey & Aurora,
I cannot express enough how much I have really grown to love you two FABULOUS women! You all are so loyal to Yvette and I, and that is not overlooked! Thank your for your continual support and encouragement! You all are so important to me on this "new" journey of pageantry!  Lacey, thank you for always having such a positive attitude!  Aurora, when I see you it makes me smile b/c you are so real and so amazing!  You two are magnificent sisters!  Again, to all my sisters, thank your for your love and support!
Love you all,
God Bless,
Jessica Gomez

Yvette Parrish, Ms. Ethnic World 2005, words of kindness about the star that I name after her. I treasure her friendship and love.

Lacey Cannon, Miss Liberty Hill 2004 and her sweet words of kindness to me as a mentor